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Amplify Team Engagement With
Your Business Values

We help businesses...

get more milage out of their impact initiatives in order to attract and retain team members.

We help teams...

measure, report, and celebrate the impact generated through volunteerism and philanthropy.

We help leadership...

amplify corporate values to fuel team engagement.

Organizations We've Helped

Do Good. Thrive.

SEAchange exists to be your partner in purpose. We support change makers like you who are on the journey to be an even greater force for good in the world. Our services are tailored to amplify your purpose and operationalize the components that maximize your organizational impact. We are here to support values alignment in order to maximize your business impact through talent attraction & retention, community visibility, and team engagement.

Today's workforce wants more than a paycheck. They want purpose.

In a recent 2023 Employee Experience Trends, Qualtrics data shows that values alignment is the number one driver of Intent to Stay and a top five driver of Inclusion and Burnout. Effective corporate impact initiatives can yield up to 50% reduction in turnover.

Source: (Lewis Institute for Social Innovation)

SEAchange is a group of artisans. They do the deep work to understand our company values

and help us find creative ways to be more intentional about the ways we make impact.

TrueNorth, Cedar Rapids, IA

Amplify your good!

Reach out to schedule an initial discovery meeting. We'd love to hear about the ways that you're already making an impact and how you want to get the most milage out of your strategies.

Drop us a line!

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