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The Sea Change

There are many paths to purpose organizations may pursue. Explore the movements, frameworks, and networks that are changing the way business is done and bringing together impact-oriented businesses and leaders.


Join a community of like-minded change makers and leaders with a common goal to to leverage their businesses as a force for good!


Join the Lincoln, NE based group of social entrepreneurs and community impact leaders. Have a drink, share stories, and gather together.


Purpose Pioneers

Benefit Corporation Legislation is being passed by states around the country. This new legal structure allows businesses to embed purpose into their very structure.


Benefit Corporations


Join the movement that brings together businesses committed to protecting the planet. These businesses know that we are all in this together.


1% for the Planet

Certified B Corps are businesses that have reached a threshold of environmental, societal, or corporate stewardship. Get certified and change the world.


B Corp


Conscious Capitalism galvanizes business leaders committed to the triple bottom line. These change makers prioritize people, planet, and profits.


Conscious Capitalism
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