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Wrapping Up Season 2

Updated: Mar 27

As Season 2 of The Stream of Conscience concludes, we’d like to thank all of our featured guests for making this season possible. Tune in for final words from co-hosts Kyle Cartwright and Graham Pansing Brooks as they reminisce on the past season and prepare for a new season coming in August! We’re still on the lookout for Season 3’s featured guests so reach out to us athello@seachangeltd.comif you’d like to see your organization, or another organization you know, be recognized and celebrated on our podcast next season!

Listen to this episode here!

Scroll down for this episode's transcript:

If you haven't noticed the world is changing. Consumer and talent demands are evolving and businesses are being held accountable to a broader purpose. This is The Stream of Conscience Podcast, where we celebrate the businesses that are prioritizing purpose to achieve both financial returns and greater impact.

These stories highlight business as a force for good and good as a force for business.


[Kyle] Hey friends, Kyle and Graham here. We're back again. And guess what? Today is our final episode of the season, but we are very excited to share that we're already in the midst of recording interviews for season three. So strap in and we will gear up for another season of The Stream of Conscience Podcast, bringing you illuminating conversations with some exceptional leaders.

And just briefly here, we want to say a very special thank you to our fabulous intern, Macie Thomas. She made this season, what it is. She has done all the coordination, all of the recording for us, all the editing copywriting. I mean folks, it, it takes a lot to make a podcast. For season one, we did this on our own and woah.

So Macie is has been a godsend for us. And so we're just very grateful to her.

[Graham] She's she's a rock star and has helped keep us on track. It's like herding cats more days than not. And so a big shout out to her. She's just been a rock star and we're grateful for you Macie. And you know, this season, as we've, as we're taking a little bit of time to look back, you know, we've been really fortunate to announce our B Corp certification and to share the mic with our fellow certified B Corp's here in Nebraska and the business committee.

Thanks again to our friends at Firespring, Daycos, KidGlov, and hysicians Thrive for gracing our feed with their perspective and lessons.

[Kyle] And we also heard from others on the frontline of purpose-driven business practices, many of them benefit corporations or other structures and models that that are, that are on the forefront of this this movement.

First the super sweet, not patisserie Pixel Bakery.

[Graham] The bearded brew masters at Johnny Byrd.

[Kyle] The remarkable storytellers at Social Assurance.

[Graham] The human rights focused fashion brand at Sapahn.

[Kyle] The carbon market advancing Arbor Day Carbon.

[Graham] The totally awesome trailblazer Total Manufacturing Company.

[Kyle] And finally the brilliant culture brothers at BetterCulture.

[Graham] We've had a star-studded lineup this year.

[Kyle] Holy moly. That's yeah. Looking back at it. It's it's flown, like, it doesn't feel like we've had what, 10, eight 10, 12 episodes or so much. Yeah, it's amazing.

[Graham] And you know, it's, as far as, as looking back on it, Kyle, you know, I'm interested to hear what some of your, your big takeaways are from, from this season.

Yeah. I mean the fact that we have such exceptional businesses coming right here out of Nebraska. You know, we've got, we've got a a marketing group, kind of a, a social media marketing group. That's serving over 1500 financial brands, especially on the scope of again, storytelling and bringing the purpose of these institutions beyond just their function or their intent.

[Kyle] And I, and I really love that, you know, that's their industry leading.

[Graham] Yeah, absolutely.

[Kyle] Here in Nebraska.

[Graham] And, and, you know, one of the unique things that I think a lot of our listeners that are around Nebraska and the Midwest would, would probably recognize is that, you know, they're, they're incredible stories that exist here, but it also is such an intrinsic part of the people and the culture here.

And that's so unique because that's not everywhere. It is. What we're hearing today and what we're were the stories that we're sharing here. They're not stories that you'll hear everywhere you go. And so again, I think there's a deep sense of pride. There's a deep sense of you know celebration that needs to happen for the businesses, the communities, the leaders that we have here.

[Kyle] And you know, we're just getting started.

[Graham] Yeah. Yeah. I, I think we are helping to change the narrative about Nebraska and the Midwest. And, you know, we're, we're very proud of this state, right. And we want others to be proud of this state. We want the world, the nation to understand the amazing, the amazing people and the amazing businesses that are operating right here.

[Kyle] So out of the middle of everywhere in the middle of everywhere, I love it. Yeah. And another really cool. I dunno, and, and I'm kind of a nerd about, I dunno, like tax structures and kind of the, some of the formal legal things. The Arbor day Foundation crafting this for-profit subsidiary and using capitalistic structures and market driven structures to, you know, play on the supply and demand in a way that is socially impactful and environmentally impactful.

While also providing, you know, much needed resources to farmers who, you know, other who otherwise would be forced, right, to harm the environment in some way to just make their livelihoods. Right. And so Arbor Day has found a way to, to bridge companies who aspire to do good within the scope of environmental stewardship and the need of farmers who, who have to have a sustainable source outside of, you know, deforesting and things like that.

[Graham] Absolutely. I mean, it's just, it's literally story after story. And each one gets me amped and excited you know, time and time again. And so, and you know, it, it's not just the, the amazing business models that they've been able to craft, but it's also the, the, the people behind the stories, right? I mean, we are so fortunate to have so many innovative and, and powerful and driven leaders here in Nebraska and beyond that are.

Caring about our community that are caring about the environment that are caring about their people. You know, it's, it's this shift back towards stakeholder capitalism. We, you know, it's not profit at all costs. Profit is important and we will always be driving that within our businesses.

[Kyle] Can't have a business without it.

[Graham] Right. But you also have to be taken into account the other, the other factors that come into play. And so it's amazing to get to see. These stories of extremely successful organizations that are doing just that, that are taking into account all factors in all, all aspects. It's, it's, it's a, it's a more difficult way to lead an organization, but it is a more fulfilling, profitable and a more successful way to lead an organization. And so it's a, again, a, you know, big shout out to all of the folks that we've been talking to on the podcast so far, because you're leading by example.

[Kyle] You're, you're walking the walk, not just talking the talk and we're grateful for you.

[Graham] Yeah. Yeah. One of the, during our consulting, we, we come across a lot of different businesses who frame this in different ways and kind of challenge us to frame it in different ways to, to help land with, you know, their, their, their language and, and the way that they think. The world and business but in recent times when one of the amazing ways that came to my mind, and if you align with this, reach out to us and let's get you on the podcast, but it's this idea of the prosperous cycle of profit and purpose.

[Kyle] Love it. Yeah. So if that, if that resonates with you, reach out to us, You can reach us at Kyle C or Graham PB either, either one of us Because we are excited to announce that we have a third season coming up coming. We hope this August. That's our plan.

So stay tuned and get ready. And reach out to us if you want to potentially schedule an interview and get on, get on the podcast.

[Graham] We've got a number of interviews already lined up that are in the process of starting to record that next season. So again, you know, whether it's you and your organization, or if you have a recommendation of another organization, is doing really great work and deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

[Kyle] We'd love to hear from you. So reach out to us, let us know, drop us a line and we'll work to get there. Them, you, their organization, your organization on the podcast to celebrate. Cause that's what we're here to do. We're here to try to elevate and uplift and you know, bring a celebratory tone to the great work that's happening here.

[Graham] And we're just so grateful to be you know, standing amongst you know, they frequently say you drink from wells that you did not dig.

[Kyle] And stand on the shoulder of giants.

[Graham] Right. And, you know, being right here, recording from the middle of Lincoln, Nebraska I feel that we've got a lot of giants standing with us.

[Kyle] Yup. Yup. So thanks for your support this season. We're excited to bring you next season, stay tuned and we will catch you on the other side.

[Graham] Keep doing good things.

[Kyle] That's right. Keep doing good things.


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