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Season 3 Introduction

Updated: Mar 27

Season 3 of The Stream of Conscience Podcast is here! Get ready for a jam-packed season full of insight from local legends and business leaders across the region. Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s kickoff episode where co-hosts Kyle Cartwright and Graham Pansing Brooks highlight a major collaboration between an international performance analysis software company and a national leader in early childhood development and care.

Listen to this episode here!


[Kyle] If you haven't noticed the world is changing. Consumer and talent demands are evolving and businesses are being held accountable to a broader purpose. It's no longer enough to simply give. Purpose is more than a line item. It takes shape in every action and decision a business makes.

This is The Stream of Conscience Podcast. And if you're looking for powerful ways to cultivate purpose and achieve measurable business and social outcomes, then you're in the right place. I'm your co-host Kyle Cartwright. And I'm joined as always by my partner and purpose Graham Pansing Brooks.

[Graham] We are also co-founders of SEAchange.

A purpose and philanthropy consultant to businesses and nonprofits and the company that brings you the stream of conscience podcast. Our guests are business leaders finding success at the forefront of a new, more sustainable capitalism. Their stories highlight business as a force for good. And good as a force for business.

All right, here we are kicking off season number three of The Stream of Conscience Podcast.

[Kyle] It's hard to believe. You know, when we started this, we were kind of just bootstrapping it. Right. And, you know, we had no idea what we were doing. Folks, if you think starting a podcast is easy, it's not, it's a lot of fun and it's totally worth it, but wow.

Wow. We've come a long way and we have a really outstanding intern Macy that probably deserves more credit than we can possibly give her.

[Graham] Absolutely.

[Kyle] So thanks, Macie.

Excited to be kicking off season three, like you said, Graham.

[Graham] Man, we have a lot of really great guests lined up for this season.

I think our listeners are in for a really great, a really great season. Do you, do you wanna give a little context, a little teaser of, of what, what we're gonna be covering this season?

[Kyle] Yeah, we're continuing to kind of cover, let's say like the local legends right here in Lincoln, but I think we're also planning to maybe expand the geographic reach a little bit, maybe kind of shift into the Midwest.

Who knows. Maybe, maybe go beyond that. We've got a new B Corp to be announced right. And several more in the pipeline. So stay tuned. Listen in. And you'll, you'll be learning more about that.

[Graham] Super exciting.

We've also got a, a variety of other businesses on hand we'll be talking with Hudl and being able to talk through the work that they're doing on early childhood development.

[Kyle] In collaboration with Primrose. That was a huge announcement. I think they made back in may or June even. So, yeah, that's excited to bring that to the world.

[Graham] Talking with Dave Miller at Allo, you know, we've just got a great season ahead. I think our listeners are gonna be really happy with it.

[Kyle] Yep. So, tune in next week for the first official episode and thanks so much for listening. We appreciate you.

If you want to take the next step SEAchange helps companies navigate this evolving economy. Our clients have happy people, loyal customers and engaged communities. That sounds good to you. Reach out to us at that's S E A change L T

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