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Season 2 Intermission

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Season 2’s mid-point episode features co-hosts (who are also co-founders of SEAchange), Kyle Cartwright and Graham Pansing-Brooks as they look back on previous podcast interviews. In their discussion, Kyle and Graham reminisce on their favorite moments and celebrate the good work The Stream of Conscience Podcast’s guests are doing within their community, Nebraska, and the rest of the world. Since March is also B Corp month, the co-hosts release an exciting announcement and consider the impact of the growing B Corp community on the future.

Listen to this episode here!

Scroll below for this episode’s transcript.

[Kyle] Hey everybody. It's Kyle Cartwright. Again, I'm here with Graham and we are excited to just kind of take a pause this season for just a moment, a little intermission, if you will, and celebrate B-Corp month, which is this month March. And, as you know, we've been making a way around the Nebraska based. B Corp's and celebrating the great work that they've been doing over the last several weeks.

And I also want to share that SEAchange. I think we shared in a previous segment that we had achieved our B Corp certification and we are going to celebrate that this month, very timely with it being B Corp month.

So please stay tuned via LinkedIn and website and everything like that for more details on that.

[Graham] We're really excited and happy to be joining this community of national leaders. You know, there's so many incredible B Corps that are using their business as a force for good.

And we are really excited to be walking the walk and being able to do a lot of really great work alongside a community of like-minded business leaders. And so again, we talk a lot about the importance of intentionality and really finding ways to elevate and amplify the good work that's happening.

And it just feels really exciting to be able to join that growing movement and certainly a growing movement here in Nebraska, too. Obviously, you've heard from KidGlov as the last organization to achieve B Corp certification. And we're continuing and excited to see where this continues to grow and lead.

And there's also a few more in the pipeline. So, we'll have to make sure that our listeners keep their ears tuned to future announcements of organizations that are going to be achieving that certification.

We're really excited to be helping to build the movement in addition to just joining the movement and as well.

[Kyle] Yeah, stay tuned. We've got some more announcements coming. I'm sure here in the near future. So stay tuned.

Let's, let's take just a quick little look back. Any fun themes in particular that jolted out for you, Graham, that you wanna share here? Or I can start certainly.

[Graham] Yeah, Kyle go ahead.

[Kyle] Yeah.

So, being in a rural state, largely rural states, although one could dispute that, right, with more than 50% of the population of our state now in the Metro areas. Even just more than 50% in Omaha alone, but a rural state, nonetheless, I'm really inspired by companies like Daycos who have translated this model that has been really born and bred across some of the more urban parts of our country.

And they've managed to translate this into a rural setting and create a lot of good in their community without having it be something, you know, I think Tammy's words were, we’re not a sexy product necessarily. We're not vegan dog food. We help trucking companies, manage their revenue.

And I just love that because it doesn't have to be a sexy product or a sexy service. It can be just a normal everyday. Organization. It can be a bank. It can be insurance, it can be a marketing firm, right. It can be anything. So, it's really cool to see how companies have been able to do that.

[Graham] Yeah.

And I echo that. Cause I think especially, you know, as we're talking to about B Corp month and our B Corp journey, a lot of the organizations that get a lot of notoriety on a national stage tend to be those product-based companies. But here in Nebraska, all six of our B Corp's are in the service industry.

And so, you know, it's the service industry times could fly under the radar a little bit more, but it's just as important. And I think that's a big theme. That's been a takeaway for me, has been, you know, where this purpose driven journey is going to be taking capitalism and businesses into the future.

And we've heard from so many organizations that are actively engaging in a stakeholder capitalist model, you know, how do we find ways to ensure that even though we don't necessarily have a product to tie our environmental footprint, to that we're being thoughtful about the way that we're operating and being thoughtful about our environmental foot print, our community impact, our team engagement, and ability to lift our team members up and provide them, not just professional development opportunities, but personal development opportunities.

I think it's really just this whole notion of where the drum is beating and where the March of capitalism is headed. And I think it's certainly alive and well here in Nebraska. And it's exciting to get, to see more organizations aligning themselves with these frameworks to help increase the notoriety to help.

Amplify the narrative here in Nebraska, that we are a place that does good work, that we are a place that deserves attention from the rest of the country. And in my mind, that's a workforce development argument and it makes me proud to be doing the work that's happening here and being a part of this community.

That's been a big takeaway for me. It's just been this, this collective energy around this movement and it feels like it's a, you know, growing, gaining steam and it's where we're headed. So, we're here to help beat the drum for, for all those organizations.

[Kyle] Yeah. Something that I think a lot of Midwest communities really could use more of is putting aside our humble natures and being willing to bang the drum for ourselves.

There are amazing things happening here and we just have to find a way to translate it in a way that the rest of the country hears us, sees us and of course, starts to move here and build businesses here and do wonderful things as well.

[Graham] That's right. We're on the journey to recognizing Nebraska as the purpose driven capital of America.

I think most of our listeners will recognize that and attest to that, but we're working hard to make sure that the others outside of our sphere of influence at this point in time also recognize that and see that.

[Kyle] Here, here.

[Graham] Also, you know, a huge, huge shout out to our digital media intern, Macie Thomas, who's been driving this whole thing forward and helping keep us on track this season. And we're so grateful for all of the work that you've been doing to help frame and really make this whole thing possible.

So, Macie, we'd be interested to get your thoughts and opinions too. What's been standing out to you from this season. You've been in every single podcast at this point. So, what are some of the takeaways for you?

[Macie] There's honestly too many to count. There's been so many great inspirations and different ideas that businesses have brought up that I would have never thought of before.

I think one of my favorites though, was Physician's Thrive and their Give Sight Global and just how they're not only reaching people within the Midwest and Omaha, but also all around the world. And I think that's really cool that they took their business to a new level and are just continuing to make the world prosper.

[Kyle] I love it.


So, we're really excited again for you all to hear the remainder of the season. We have a handful of businesses who have joined us. We've got a couple in the pocket. We've got a couple more interviews scheduled. We are working hard to keep episodes, hitting your feed and know that that you're going to be inspired.

You're going to find a lot to learn from some of the great practitioners and great business leaders in our community. So, stay tuned, enjoy, and never hesitate to reach out to us at

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