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Nurturing a Legacy for Colleagues and Community

Updated: Mar 27

Welcome back listeners! This week’s episode features CEO of TrueNorth Companies, Jason Smith and a discussion surrounding the progressive and purposeful story of TrueNorth. Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, TrueNorth is a privately-held risk management and insurance brokerage firm that operates in multiple states. TrueNorth focuses on protecting and maximizing its clients’ assets, resources, and opportunities. The company also empowers and celebrates its more than 500 colleagues in unique ways and has recently announced the hiring of its first Director of Community Impact.

As CEO of TrueNorth, Jason’s mission is to uphold the company’s values in order to provide upstanding and intentional client services and grown the company’s impact on its clients, communities, and colleagues.

Listen to this episode here!

Find additional information about TrueNorth by visiting their website.

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