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More Mileage Series: Purpose Driven Capitol

Updated: 1 day ago

Thank you for joining us on the final episode of our More Mileage Mini-series! We’ve had a ton of fun demystifying terms surrounding corporate social responsibility and hope you’ve learned something from listening! In this episode, co-hosts Kyle and Graham wrap up the mini-series as well as tease the upcoming fall season of The Stream of Conscience Podcast, which releases its first episode September 7th. Stay tuned!

Listen to this episode here!

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[Kyle] Hey there. This is Kyle and Graham again, and welcome back to our final episode of the More Mileage Mini-series. This has been a collection of bonus shorts as part of The Stream of Conscience Podcast, and it has been a real privilege and pleasure to bring these to you and kind of just, again, dispel some of the, the confusion and some of the you know, just creating some opportunities to talk about some of the movements and the concepts and tools and the financial and the, you know, all of the different elements that kind of surround corporate purpose and corporate social responsibility.

[Graham] Yeah, that's right. And these rapid fire sessions, we've been covering a plethora of topics as you've just outlined there.

So, you know, Kyle, as we're, as we're wrapping up this, this mini series, what is one of the most important things that our listeners should take away?

[Kyle] Yeah, I think it's that this concept of corporate purpose, social responsibility, however you want to frame it. And you know, again, our goal is to really help frame these things very intentionally and holistically it's that they are all interconnected as, as a function of successful business.

A thoughtful strategy around how you are taking into account all of your stakeholders is of the utmost importance to a sustainable long term successful business. And a lot of ways that that plays out is through philanthropy. It's through intersecting with your people, your community, your clients across the board. And so it's really important to, to include all of those folks as you think about what is the purpose of your company.

[Graham] Yeah, and I would just add in there too, that, you know, we, we say this a lot, but in the same way that we're on a journey of personal development through our individual lives, our businesses need to be on a lifelong journey of corporate development and hopefully the organizations and businesses that we're a part of will outlive us. Right.

And so thinking about that long term downstream effect, that's a true legacy to be able to create, you know, building business with purpose, building a business that is going to be you know, a steward of the lives that have been entrusted through, through your team members.

There's so much opportunity here. And the last thing I'd say with that as well, is that, you know, recording this right here from the middle of everywhere in Lincoln, Nebraska, is that we're surrounded by a community that gets this.

[Kyle] Mm-hmm.

[Graham] That understands it. And it's a moment to be able to celebrate the really amazing work that's going on in our communities and find ways to continue to amplify that let's not rest on.

You know, we've been there done that. Let's find ways to be known across the country as being the purpose driven capital of America.

[Kyle] Absolutely. Yeah. And I don't, I don't think it is a trite or a overly ambitious thought to, or, or goal to make the world a better place through our businesses. I think it's absolutely okay to scream that from the rooftop.

And, and I think that's a little bit of what we're talking about here is Nebraska and the Midwest. They get it, they understand it, they do it. So let's reframe the business business as usual as business for.

[Graham] That's right. Yeah. You know, capitalism does have the opportunity to be one of the strongest forces.

It is one of the strongest forces in the world. And so why can't we create those win, win wins? You know, I think that's what we're here at sea change, really focusing on and trying to encourage businesses to do is how do we find ways to amplify our business outcomes, amplify our community outcomes and amplify the outcomes for our environment and our, our surrounding places that we live, work and play.

[Kyle] Yeah. Yeah. We've talked a lot about how Nebraska and the Midwest has really been this breeding ground, I think for positive activity. And I think, you know, part of what we want to take through the, the stream of conscience series a podcast as, and we'll talk a little bit about the upcoming series here soon is we wanna bring the stories, right?

We wanna bring the stories from, from within this very heart centered part of the country and and apply those lessons and help, help bring those to light across the country, because there is a lot to learn.

[Graham] And speaking of which we're, we're about to drop another season of our, of our podcast. And so tune in next week for the, for the first of this next season.

[Kyle] That's right.

[Graham] And we've got a lot of really powerful, exciting conversations coming up. We've already started recording a number of them, and I'm really excited about this upcoming season, Kyle.

[Kyle] Absolutely. So if you're interested in learning more about any of the concepts you've heard throughout the, the series, this little mini series here, or want to, you know, maybe get a little sneak peek of what's to come, you know, you can reach out to us anytime.

My phone number is (402) 430-1328.

[Graham] Mine is (402) 430-6432.

[Kyle] And if emails more. Your your taste then Thanks so much for listening.

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