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Making Waves: A Look Inside Nebraska's 1st B-Corporation

Updated: Mar 27

The Stream of Conscience Podcast's newest episode features Jay Wilkinson and Firespring. Wilkinson is the CEO of Firespring, a company that empowers businesses and nonprofits through marketing, digital design, and creative development. In 2014, Firespring became Nebraska’s first certified B-corp and has been leaving a positive impact on the community, as well as the world, ever since.

Jay Wilkinson shares Firespring’s three core values: bring it every day, have each other’s back, and give a shit. These values combined with their purpose, “to accelerate client prosperity so we collectively do more good”, are ingrained into the company’s every move. Whether it’s communication with clientele, employees, or any other stakeholder, Firespring brings a servant mindset to all that they do in order for everyone around them to thrive. Throughout the episode, Wilkinson emphasizes Firespring’s continual passion to learn and grow while encouraging all businesses, no matter how big or small, to do the same.

One important thing to note from this episode was Wilkinson’s challenge for all businesses. Even though Firespring has collected a fair number of awards and recognitions for their socially-conscious business practices, it felt ten times better to receive a nomination from another company rather than self-nomination. Wilkinson went on to challenge all businesses to recognize and nominate each other to boost morale and continue doing good within the community.

Listen to the episode here!

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