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Inspiring Employee Driven Impact with Daycos

Updated: Mar 27

On this week’s episode of The Stream of Conscience podcast, SEAchange co-founders, Graham Pansing-Brooks and Kyle Cartwright, sit down with co-owners of Daycos, Brandon and Tammy Day. The main mission of Daycos is to provide revenue solutions to transportation service providers. Even before becoming Nebraska’s 2nd certified B-corporation back in 2016, Daycos set out to become more generous and socially-focused through the way they do business. As said by Brandon, "What we do is not extraordinary but how we go about doing it is.”

Daycos came from humble beginnings. The company was founded in the basement of Brandon Day’s family home forty-two years ago, and now, the company reaches businesses and communities from one coast to the other. Through it all, Daycos has kept their humble, family-oriented mindset, which is show today through their dedication to employee, customer, and community well-being.

All of the company’s community involvement, including Daycos4good and other programs, are led by Daycos employees. Instead of leaving philanthropy efforts in the hands of the leadership team, individual and intentional commitment from every employee increases the overall positive impact Daycos has on their local community. Daycos conducts their company in such a way that it creates and nurtures good business practices and encourages all businesses to do the same. Even though Daycos has, and continues to be, an inspiration throughout the business community, they too realize that the journey towards purpose-driven business practices knows no finish line.

Listen to the episode here!

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