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Healthy People, Happy Culture, Thriving Culture

Updated: Mar 27

Featured today on The Stream of Conscience Podcast is Director of Nutrition Services, Stephanie Roob, from QLI (Quality Living Inc.). Located in Omaha, Nebraska, QLI is a world-class rehabilitation center that specializes in limb loss, stroke, spinal injury, and brain injury. Their goals as a company are to protect their client’s dignity and create hope during every step of the rehabilitation journey. Beyond their impact services, QLI works to exemplify strong core values and a positive company culture each and every day. As Director of Nutrition Services, Stephanie Roob utilizes her talents to not only benefit clients’ wellness, but her co-workers' health as well.

QLI is recognized throughout the Omaha and Nebraska community as one of the greatest places to work due to the organization’s exceptional leadership principles. Tune in to hear more from Stephanie about QLI and their values as a business! If you want to learn more about QLI, they have two different websites! One for their services and one for their stories. Visit to learn all about QLI, their programs, and what they're currently doing within the Omaha community. The other website,, focuses on storytelling and includes a blog as well as ways to support QLI.

Listen to this episode here!

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