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"Either You're a B Corp or... What Are You Doing?"

Updated: Mar 27

SEAchange co-founders, Graham Pansing Brooks and Kyle Cartwright, sit down with Physicians Thrive to discuss the phenomenal work the company does in Nebraska as well as around the world. This episode of The Stream of Conscience Podcast features Physicians Thrive’s CEO, Justin Nabity, and COO, Reid Lancaster. Physicians Thrive works with physicians to help them confidently prepare for the future from residency to retirement. Physicians are known for taking care of thousands, if not millions of people, and need those who will, in return, care for them. Physicians Thrive is here to do just that.

Physicians Thrive became Nebraska’s fourth Certified B Corp back in 2018 and remains the only B Corp in Nebraska's largest metropolitan area, Omaha. Everything Physicians Thrive does is for the benefit of others. Justin and Reid extend their reach to the rest of the globe through a nonprofit they co-founded, Give Sight Global. Give Sight Global works to prevent and correct treatable blindness globally.

Justin and Reid speak about ways to bring positive social, community, and professional impact into our everyday lives. Each step Physicians Thrive makes toward intentional business practices seems like a no-brainer to Justin and Reid. When asked why a company should become B Corp certified, Reid responded, “Either you’re a B Corp or...what are you doing?” Physicians Thrive brings contagious energy to the purpose-driven business community. Recognizing areas in which your business can improve and prosper is always the first step.

Now, get out there and keep doing things.

Listen to the episode here!

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