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Birds of a Feather, Serve Together

Updated: Mar 27

Welcome back to The Stream of Conscience Podcast! On today’s episode, co-hosts Kyle Cartwright and Graham Pansing Brooks speak with Lisa Wise of Flock DC. Lisa, CEO and Chief Flockster at Flock, revolves her company around sustainability and justice, specifically when it comes to housing. Based in Washington, D.C., Flock is a property management company that works to create thriving communities of modern home dwellers and happy homeowners. Rooted deep into their core values, Flock emphasizes purpose over profit when it comes to business.

One of Lisa’s newest projects, the birdSEED Foundation, helps first-time homeowners in the DC and Philadelphia area who have experienced hardship due to the racial wealth gap. Alongside that, Lisa has developed Birdwatch, which provides a hybrid home maintenance program options to busy homeowners. Check out these two sites as well as additional information about Lisa Wise on her website.

Listen to this episode here!

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