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A Design Studio With the Sweetest Business Practices

Updated: Mar 27

This episode of The Stream of Conscience Podcast features your co-hosts Kyle Cartwright and Graham Pansing Brooks in conversation with Pixel Bakery’s Director and Founder Jordan Lambrecht. The three of them discuss the importance of intentional business practices to keep a company and its employees thriving.

As said by Lambrecht within the episode, “It comes down to one simple thing, treat your people with respect and love them. Be kind to them... be kind to everybody.” After sitting down with Lambrecht to discuss the inner-workings of Pixel Bakery Design Studio, one thing was clear: caring for your employees should be every business owner’s priority. From implementing four-day work weeks to encouraging employee passion projects, Jordan has puts the icing on strong, purpose-driven business practices that not only benefits his company and employees but the entire industry as well.

Listen to the episode here! View this episode's transcript here!

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