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Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy is a powerful force for good and, chances are, you're already giving generously by allocating financial and human resources to engage with the community. Are you achieving maximum impact and ROI?

SEAchange helps you assess and tweak your impact programs to achieve specific measurable goals related to community and business outcomes. 

Get more mileage with SEAchange.

Program Assessments & Reports

Any giving is good giving, but how effective are the resources you're spending in this generous pursuit? Our process sheds light on key opportunities for greater impact - on the community and your bottom line. Your work should be celebrated - we help you craft reports that signal the value you create. 

Best Practice Research & Metrics

Our team brings industry-specific best practices to the table and backs it up with measurable outcomes for your business. We work with you and your charitable partners to develop creative, streamlined grantmaking strategies for maximum impact and sustainability.

Strategic Planning & Storytelling

Focus and trust are key to true partnership in your corporate impact endeavors. By focusing resources and developing long-term trust in partners, your programs develop bigger and more authoritative voices that inspire loyalty to your corporate purpose.

Program Design & Implementation

The most powerful CSR programs inspire ownership across a variety of stakeholders. Our proven processes can range from simpe to complex while creating valuable engagement for your community partners, colleagues, and leadership. You'll wonder "Why didn't we do it this way sooner?"

What Our Clients Say


SEAchange is a group of artisans. They do the deep work to understand our company values and help us find creative ways to be more intentional about the ways we make impact.

TrueNorth, Cedar Rapids, IA

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