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B Corp

SEAchange is excited to partner with you on your path to purpose. We will help your organization navigate the five sections of the B Impact Assessment, help you plan a course of action, and work to amplify your corporate impact on your way to B Corp Certification. SEAchange also helps organizations track and monitor key performance indicators for annual impact and benefit reports. Drop us a line to indicate your interest, and we’ll reach out to explore how we can support your journey. Learn more about becoming a B Corp today!


Enhance your commitment to mission, ethics, accountability and transparency.


Improve your employees’ financial, physical, professional, and social well-being.


Understand & leverage your impact on the economic and social outcomes of your community.


Measure and increase your stewardship of the environment and our planet.


Amplify the value that you create for and through the consumers of your products or services.

Start Your B Corp Journey

Looking forward to connecting with you!
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