Strategic Purpose Alignment

Business “purpose” and “impact” take many shapes. Teams are inspired by a shared sense of value. SEAchange, LTD works to identify, establish, and align clients’ community impact models and the “why” behind their business’ purpose.

As a first step in our relationship, we work with you to:

  1. Understand key stakeholder values

  2. Establish an inspiring business mission

  3. Align values with business mission

  4. Communicate clear and shared business purpose


Enhance your commitment to mission, ethics, accountability and transparency.


Improve your employees’ financial, physical, professional, and social well-being.


Understand your impact on the economic and social well-being of your community.


Measure and increase your stewardship of the environment and our planet.


Amplify the value that you create for the consumers of your products or services.



Social Enterprise Advising

The “SEA” in SEAchange stands for Social Enterprise Advising.  At our foundation, we are a consulting and best practice research firm for organizations that want to thrive economically and do good in the world. Organizations that prioritize social, community, and environmental stewardship will propel themselves into the new economy built on collaborative impact.  Let us help you elevate your organization and identify your pathway to purpose.


Once a clear and shared business mission is adopted, we help your business implement effective and data-driven strategies related to:

  • Operational Alignment: Support the development of internal governance practices and policies around the business’ “why.”

  • Employee Engagement: Help to develop internal employee engagement programs aligned with the established business purpose. May include support of existing employee incentive programs

  • Wholistic Alignment (Community, Customers, & Environment): Support top-to-bottom business mission alignment through community impact programs, stakeholder engagement and/or environmental stewardship. 



Ongoing Advising & Reporting

The path to purpose does not end with certifications or implemented strategies. Ongoing refining and measurement of economic, community and environmental returns are essential to continued business growth in the 21st century.

We support your ongoing commitment with:

  1. Economic and mission-related reporting

  2. Compliance-related documentation and assessment

  3. Best practice research

Now that you’re out to SEA, we’ll be your OAR.