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Our Services

Business Impact Consulting


SEAchange, LTD provides consultation services to small- and medium-sized businesses. We help our clients identify, establish, and align their community impact models and the “why” behind their business’ purpose. By supporting the implementation of effective and data-driven strategies, our services enhance employee engagement and top-to-bottom operations and mission alignment through community impact programs, stakeholder engagement and/or environmental stewardship.

B Corp Certification

Whether you’re applying for the first time, re-certifying, or looking to be recognized as Best for the World, SEAchange is here to help you navigate the B Corp process.

CSR & ESG Advising

Let SEAchange help amplify and advance your existing corporate impact work in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) practices.

Mission, Vision, Values Alignment

"Purpose" and "impact" take many shapes and inspire teams by a shared sense of value. Let SEAchange help identify, align and establish your community impact models and the “why” behind their business’ purpose.

Impact Reports & Measurement

SEAchange helps your team measure, track, and draft economic and mission-related reporting for annual impact reports and annual Benefit Corporation reports.

Philanthropic Advising

Philanthropic Advising & Nonprofit Services

SEAchange, LTD works with philanthropic foundations of all types and at all phases of their lifecycle to advance their missions and legacies in the community. Many businesses and families seek to establish or leverage these special charitable entities and other philanthropic tools to grow their timely and perpetual impact on a shared set of stakeholders. Our work supports the formal development of governance structures, grantmaking strategies, strategic plans, and fundraising and communications plans. When partnered with a business, we work to bridge the impact of the Foundation to the communications and impact strategies of the corporate entity.

Initial Foundation Development & Launch

SEAchange facilitates initial and ongoing core conversations related to the vision, purpose, and compliance of launching a new philanthropic entity. We’ll see your Foundation through its startup into its first years of grantmaking and beyond.

Strategic  Planning &  Annual Impact Review

SEAchange partners with foundations and philanthropic groups to do annual reviews and strategic planning to ensure the initial and evolving vision are captured across the governance and operations of the entity.

Corporate Philanthropy & Giving Strategies

SEAchange helps simplify grant application management, due diligence, and communications with applicants. We’ll help you hone grantmaking strategies, collect impact data and share reports with corporate, community and other philanthropic stakeholders.

Funding Strategy & Sustainable Governance

Our expertise extends into demonstrated success in fundraising and nonprofit governance best practices. We can help you build the funds of your Foundation and ensure they’re put to good use today and for future generations.

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